Working within a psychodynamic approach, the work will help you understand how past experiences affect your life in the present and the way you view yourself.  So I work with the present issues and we may also think together about how past experiences and feelings may have influenced this. 

Each session would be weekly and lasts 50 minutes.  

I work long-term, short-term or time-limited and this can be discussed during the initial consultation where we can think about your needs together.

During your initial consultation appointments at 121 North West London Counselling and Psychotherapy we will explore your reasons for seeking help and also find out a little bit about your life so far.  This allows us to think together about how your experiences have affected you and gives us a chance to get a sense of compatibility for treatment.  There is no obligation to continue working together following the initial consultation.  Once an agreement to start working together has been reached, a Treatment Plan will be put together for agreement including the terms of treatment.  Once confirmed, your sessions can begin.  Towards the end of the course of treatment we will review the progress and consider either committing to a deeper treatment plan or working towards an agreed ending.

Treatment Plans:

Brief Psychodynamic Counselling (Eight Sessions)
Brief psychodynamic counselling often focuses on a single issue.  

Psychodynamic Counselling (Six Months)
This recommended medium term treatment plan is suitable for people who seek help with specific issues and want to go into some depth.  The work is more explorative and reflective to address both the causes and symptoms of particular difficulties.  

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Open-Ended)
This in-depth treatment can be useful in helping people with recurring, complex or debilitating problems.  We will be able to work through interconnected issues and work in a more intensive and in-depth way.  Psychotherapy is usually a long-term commitment to working together over several months and in some cases, years which can potentially lead to a greater sense of understanding of one's mind and fulfilment.

You may also find it helpful to look at the following BACP documents and pages:

Fees are discussed and negotiated during the initial consultation which are on a sliding scale and take into account individual circumstances.  The initial consultation appointments allow an opportunity for you and the therapist to initially think about the presenting difficulties and consider whether the type of therapy would be suitable before agreeing whether to work together on an ongoing basis.

All fees are subject to annual review.